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Steve Sullivan, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of PMD Healthcare announces Corporate Medical Advisory Board

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It has long been known that chronic respiratory illnesses are a real and growing problem for the US Healthcare System. Sullivan sites that over 38 million patients suffer with either COPD or Asthma and that COPD alone is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US with a direct economic impact of over $50 Billion annually in the US.  Most of these costs (30%+) are being driven by emergency room visits hospital admissions/readmissions many of which are unavoidable with proper care and monitoring.

In speaking to the pain, suffering and economic burden of chronic illness, Sullivan points to the long history and dedication PMD has serving patients with chronic respiratory disease. It’s with that focus that PMD is adding to our medical expertise through distinguished group of medical advisors who will help guide our company in the development, and commercialization of products and services to improve the quality of care for patients with chronic respiratory illnesses. Our advisory board members include;

Richard Martin, MD


Michael S. Blaiss, MD, FACAAI


Noah Lechtzin, MD


PMD, is a Medical Device, Information Technology, and Chronic Care Management Service Company dedicated to creating innovative solutions that empower people to improve their healthcare and quality of life.  PMD’s innovative Remote Monitoring and Wellness Management Services platform supports such efforts through real time, remote monitoring of biometrics, symptoms, medication adherence and care plan compliance anywhere, and anytime. PMD’s first to market personal spirometer and HIPPA compliant Wellness Management Services platform will support health care providers’ ability to intervene in real time to improve quality, decrease unnecessary costs associated with emergency room visits and or hospitalizations and engage patients more effectively in their healthcare.

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